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Announcing, LeveLuk Kangen 8 Water Ionizer

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K8 Key Features...

  • Enagic’s most powerful Anti-Oxidizer
  • 8 platinum-dipped solid titanium plates
  • 560 square inches of ionization surface
  • Ionizes 50% FASTER than the SD501
  • Cleans the plates after each use as it drains
  • 15% more efficient than the SD501
  • Intuitive, interactive iPhone-like front panel
  • 8 languages, accepts all types of power
  • 3 pounds lighter than the SD501
  • User configuration for pH calibrations
  • Intelligent filter chips track water usage

The Kangen 8 water ionizer is a remarkable new water ionizer loaded with incredible technology, capability and features that will enable the average household to have world class purified alkaline drinking water.  It is destined to be come the world's premier water ionizer!

The Enagic LeveLuk K8 Water Ionizer is our #1 Top Recommended Water Ionizer

Watch these two videos to see why Enagic's Kangen Water® is the only way to go for your home water purification system, and why the new LeveLuk K8 water ionizer will soon become the industry leading water ionizer machine around the globe.

Best Water Ionizer - Compare Enagic SD501 and Kangen 8 Models

Why Kangen Water(r) is the Best Home Water Purification System

Browse the kangen water ionizer models

Our Enagic Kangen Water Ionizer models start at just $1480 USD, and we sell them anywhere in the world. Simply follow the link to our website to browse and compare all the models, and start your order.  In the USA and Canada, orders are processed via our secure online ordering website.  Everywhere else, simply download the order forms to get started - instructions are found at the "BUY NOW" button beneath the machine you wish to purchase.

​The SD501 Kangen Water Ionizer has been the industry leader water ionizer for many years, and still is the gold standard ionizer.

Top Water Ionizer - Enagic SD501p Kangen Water Machine

Introducing the...

Enagic SD501 Platinum Kangen Water Ionizer

You are looking at the most amazing water purification technology available. Enagic (r) has been manufacturing the world’s leading water ionization equipment for nearly 40 years. Kangen Water (r) is the registered trademark of Enagic U.S.A. The Japanese term “Kangen Water” means to return to origin. Kangen Water Ionization produces a delicious alkaline drinking water that is rich in minerals and strong in free radical scavenging antioxidants, with an exceptionally strong negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) highly prized in the health and wellness industry. The SD501 is a powerful, yet affordable, water purifier that can turn your family’s tap water into the most remarkable healthy drinking water on the planet!

Enagic = Quality and Results​

What Is Kangen Water Like?

Find out what makes this water different

Water Ionizer Websites: Information and Comparisons

Visit our Enagic Kangen Water (r) Independent Distributor websites for detailed information about the SD501 Water Ionizer, other Alkaline Water Ionizer models, Alkaline Drinking Water, Strong Kangen Water, Strong Acid Water and Water Ionization information.

Watch our video demonstration!

Seeing is believing. Be Amazed! See what this state of art industry leading water ionizer technology can do for your family.  FREE VIDEO DEMO - we don't even ask for your email - just watch and see what it does.

SD501 Kangen Water Demonstration

Enagic is Gold Seal certified by the Water Quality Association.  Watch the WQA Video...

WQA Gold Seal Certification

Check out all the Kangen Water Ionizers and choose the one that is the right fit for your family...

JRII DXII SD501 SD501P Under Counter Super501 Anespa K8

Kangen Water Ionizers​

  • ​Made by Enagic, the leader in water ionizer technology for more than 40 years
  • Known for their quality and results
  • Backed by a "real" manufacturer's Warranty

Kangen Water has made such an amazing difference for me.  I studied Nutritional Sciences, so I quickly realized the value of this product even before I tried the water or saw a machine in person.  The Enagic SD501 and K8 Kangen Water Ionizers are among the best investments we have ever made for our family.  We LOVE drinking this water and recommend it for everyone!

Bob Hilke, Jr
Kangen Water Customer

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